Soft Dreams Mattresses

The Soft Dreams mattress is crafted to give you a good back support for ultimate comfort

  • Ecoline



    Ecoline mattress is a great option for those who are looking for a good quality but cheap mattress, the deep support of spring and the softer feel of high-resilient layers of foam ensures a restful night sleep.

  • Softcare



    Hard foam orthopedic mattress that is great for people with back pain it is made with a high density firm durable, it’s mostly recommended by orthopedic physician for people suffering back problems. It’s is especially designed for those who require enhanced levels of support.

  • Royal



    Royal is one of the luxury model offered by softdreams, A double layers of foam are used to reduce the firmness to a level that gives both Support and comfort.

  • Majestic



    Majestic is a luxury two-sided orthopedic mattress. One side feels firm to give your back the support it needs , however soft foam layer is added on the other side which make this mattress very special and can be flipped to reduce the firmness level.

  • Honeymoon



    Honeymoon is the top of the line , a luxury range pillow top model, The pillow top part is used to provide you with a luxury sleep feel Honey moon is a fantastic sleep solution for those who are.

  • Aspen



    With Aspen you don’t have to sacrifice quality for economy , Aspen is premium mattress that provide the right back support due to its high quality spring and the long-lasting foam layers used. Aspen is ideal for kids due to its hard surface.